This is a short report of an 8 day trip to Corsica and Southern France (Camarque and Crau) from 23 till 30 June 2005, in order to find the species endemic to Corsica and other specialties.


The first thing that struck me during preparation is the general lack of a whole bunch of Southeast European and Asian specialties on Cyprus. The location of Cyprus, close to Turkey and Syria might suggest the presence of these species but the facts are different. 


Cape May Warbler

With an abundance of over 500 species of birds, almost 75 percent of all documented bird species of the US have turned up in the state of Florida. The main bulk of those species are winter visitors which makes winter the best time of year to pay Florida a visit.

New Zealand

1420963_97126589Once completely dominated by birds, New Zealand proved to be a natural experiment in
the evolution of birds. Consequently some of the weirdest birds live in New Zealand.