Most of the morning was spent driving along the scenic route from Calvi south to Porto. Calvi is an interesting town that might be worth a visit. The route south is offers some quite magnificent coastal views but it is a pretty slow drive. Our first Osprey was flying into the mountains with a big fish in its talons. In Porto we took the D84 into the mountains to visit ‘Gorge de Spelunca’, a nice gorge near Ota with an old Genoa bridge dating from the 11th century. No animals of interest, though this apparently is a great spot to find Corsican Salamander.
This excursion took us about 3 hours and after that we went on our way to Cargèse. Just north of Cargèse we found a ‘campsite with a view’ for our last night on the island. This campsite was also good for birds with a family of Cirl Buntings, several Spotted Flycatchers and a Red-backed Shrike next to our tent while several Bee-eaters and an Osprey flew by. Just before dusk the Nightjars and of course the obligatory Scops-Owl started to call.