Because there were some more species to be found we visited the woods of San Felasco Hammock again in the early hours of the day (way before its official opening time of 8 a.m.). A Hooded Warblergranted us spectacular views but Eastern Wood Peewee only made itself known to us by its song as did Northern Bobwhite. A visit to a small park on the campus of the university of Gainesville, Lake Alice, was good for Yellow-throated WarblerSummer Tanager and House Finch.
On our way to central (St. Cloud Area) the driver of our vehicle failed to see a flock of Fulvous Whistling-Ducks beside a pond along the Florida Turnpike. A trip to Southport Park was necessary for our only Snail Kite (Kaliga Park near St. Cloud is not recommended). While we saw our only Northern Caracara along Canoe Creek Road. Via Joe Overstreet Road we drove to Lake Kissimmee where we ticked of Whooping Cranes (probably the best site for this species). Along this road we also saw lots of Turkeys and Sandhill Cranes.
Three Lakes WMA is a consistent site for Red-cockaded Woodpecker (check the trees with the painted white bands on it) and Bachman’s Sparrow. We also saw our only Hairy Woodpecker here (is becoming rare in Florida), but no Florida Grasshopper Sparrows. Before we left there we heard the only Chuck-Wills-Widow of our vacation.