This day I did an early morning walk along the road north of Pomos. Just a few new birds: two Golden Orioles and several Olivaceous Warblers. During the day we visited Kato Pyrgos, the last town before the Turkish part of the island. Only notable birds were a juvenile Red-footed Falcon and a nice Masked Shrike. Very nice was a Hermit flying in Kato Pyrgos, but the butterflies crossing the road unidentified were slightly frustrating. A very lucky catch was a Small Bath Whitealong the road back to Pomos.
In the afternoon I decided to try for Black Francolin, if necessary by driving to the airport at Paphos, a good spot for this species. But again I was lucky. About 5 km before I got to Polis I found two Black Francolins (male and female) in a field beside the main road. Very wary and off after I had a quick look. That saved me from a drive to Paphos.