We had an early start from Te Anau to arrive before 9:00 o’clock in
Glenorchie, north of Queenstown. Maaike did a horseback ride and I had a last chance to
find Yellow-fronted Parakeet. I went to Lake Sylvan where I found Yellow-fronted
Parakeet (Cyanoramphus auriceps, Geelvoorhoordkarakiri) relatively easy close to the
Lake Sylvan trail turn of from the Rootburn trail road. I walked the Lake Sylvan trail for
a moment but no Yellowheads around. Pipipi and New Zealand (South Island) Robin
were common and I found one Rifleman.
After lunch we went on to drive the first part to the north. The drive up to Haast took us
the whole afternoon and in the evening we checked in at Wilderness Backpackers in
Haast (NZ $ 55,- for a room). Keas flew over in the evening.