We had already arranged a Doubtful Sound excursion for the 11th so this
day was spent near Milford Sound. We first drove up to Milford Sound where we saw our
first Kea (Nestor notabilis, Kea). After that we drove back to the Homer Pass for Rock
Wren. It was raining again but better weather seemed underway. It took Maaike only one
stroll to locate the first Rock Wren but where was I? Back at the car dipping it… We went
back to the spot together confident in finding it back easily. But after half an hour I
started to doubt that confidence and after one hour I stood alone in the rain doubting the
chance of seeing one at all. After about two hours a large group of Birdquest birders
arrived guided by a local forester who had a trick or two to lure the bird in. I took the
liberty of looking over the shoulders of these paying costumers and witnessed the success
of the guide’s polystyrene-and-bottle trick: a Rock Wren (Xenicus gilviventris,
Rotswinterkoning) came flying towards the group and showed very well to all the birders,
including me, pfff they really saved my holiday . That took most of the morning and w